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Well clean outs:
Does your existing well have lowered water flow or heavy levels of sand
and sediment?
J & C can help. What we do is remove your submersible
pump out of the well, lower a high out-put air line into the well to air lift
years of built up sediment out the top of the well. This opens the screen
so you get better flow and better quality water out of your well. Your well
will need to be accessible for this service.

Water treatment:
Call us and we will schedule a service tech to analyze your water and give
you a free estimate.

City water hook ups: Maybe your subdivision used to be on all wells and
recently city water has become available.  Your old well can be used for
your outside water needs also irrigation. Unless the well is to far gone.
Either way
J & C can hook you up to city water and take care of your
water needs.

Geothermal drilling:
If you are building on a “tight” lot and just have to have geothermal, we
can help. There is basically two choices…open loop, which utilizes a
water well, or closed loop, using vertical bores deep below the earth’s
surface. This greatly reduces the amount of space needed for a
geothermal loop field.

Horizontal boring:
Whether you need a new water line ran for your well, a hydrant, or you are
hooking up to “city water”,
J & C offers the latest in “trenchless
technology”. We have a compact horizontal drill to install water lines and
wires without tearing up your yard. We can steer the drill head to place it
right where you need it.

Site restoration:
For a small fee we can come in with a little tractor and straighten up the
mess we make. We’ll till the yard, lay some grass seed down and straw it.
Your yard will return to its normal state.

Irrigation wells:  
Are you disgusted of paying for water to dump on the ground, to make
your grass grow…well, have I got a deal for you. A water well is the most
affordable way to water that grass. At an average price of 4-6 thousand,
If you do the math you will find It will pay for itself.
Test Holes:
We usually do these when a customer is looking a lot of water. If you
need to find the best aquifer on a project this is an affordable way to do
it. We simply drill to bedrock, log our findings and plug the hole.  

Pond replenishment wells:  If your pond won’t stay full to your liking …
“just add water.” We’ll drill you a well for the explicit purpose of keeping
that pond topped off. You can even start irrigating out of your pond. Free
water is waiting right under your feet.

Bucket wells:  
What we do with is drill a forty inch diameter hole to create an in ground
storage system. As we go down through the small “streams” of water this
system ties them all together. When we get a good flow of water,or 85ft. (
whatever comes first) we set a casing in the center. Then we put in a tri-
axle load or 2 of clean pea gravel. Then we put a barrier between ground
level and the gravel called bentonite. What you end up with is a huge
reservoir of water when done.

Dewatering well:
This is similar to the bucket well in the way its constructed, but the
purpose is to remove water out of the ground. This is kind of handy when
you need to dry up a piece of ground to dig deeper than 10ft. Especially
popular on large construction projects when digging in basements and
sewer laterals becomes impossible due to too much ground water.

Well Abandonment:  
What we don’t want is a bunch of conduits leading directly to our ground
water making contamination possible. So we plug those old wells that
aren’t being used. This is also required by the state
of Indiana and
enforced by the local authorities.
Well Cleaning
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