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Hydromatic Sump Pump & Sump Pit
Zoeller Pump Company
Hydromatic Pentair Water
Zoeller 1/2 H.P. Automatic Sump & Effluent Pump
Zoeller 1/3 rd H.P. Sump Pump
Zoeller 1/2 H.P. Sump & Effluent Pump
Zoeller Sump Pump & Sump Pit
1/3 rd H.P. Hydromatic Sump Pump
Hydromatic 1/3 rd H.P. Sump Pump
Hydromatic 1/2 H.P. Sump Effluent Pump
Sump Pumps are a necessity for a Basement or Crawl
Space to stay dry from water. J & C Installs & Replaces
Sump Pumps, Whether its in a Basement or a Crawl
Space. J & C also Installs Moisture Barrier in Crawl
Spaces. With a good Pit Installed properly J & C can lower
the water table in your Crawl Space, along with strategic
cutting, fitting, overlapping of plastic Moisture Barrier laid
over the Crawl Space floor (ground) keeps your Crawl
Space dry. We Manufacture many of our Crawl Space
Sump Pump Pits just to be able to take on all ground water
from deeper in the earth ultimately lowering the water table
without that very costly Perimeter Drain System and
Encapsulation our Competitors Install. Our Sump Pumps
are the best there is on the market. J & C has Dried Lots of
Crawl Spaces and is here for your Crawl Space Work!   
Crawl Space Sump Pumps, Pits & Moisture
Battery Back-up Sump Pumps
Hydromatic Sump & Pit for drains above floor
Pro Series 2400 Battery Back-up Sump Pump System
Pro Series 1730 Battery Back-up Sump Pump System
Pro Series 1000 Battery Back-up Sump Pump System
Pro Series Pumps
Water Commander 3/4
Water Powered Back-up Sump Pumps
Water Commander 1
Water Commander™ is a fully
automatic backup sump pump,
protecting your basement from
flooding during a power outage or
primary pump failure.
Water Commander™ uses your home's
city water pressure as the source of its
pumping energy. Because it does not
depend on a battery, it will operate at
full power, as needed, for years to come.
Water Commander   
Powered By City
Water Pressure
Basements and Finished basements can not remain dry
Sump Pump Sytem. J & C Installs & Repairs your Sump
Pump Systems. It is very important to have a Back-Up
Sump Pump in your basement just in case your Primary
Sump Pump fails or power outages. J & C Installs Battery
Systems. J & C has Maintenance Programs for your Sump
Pump Systems. Maintenance along with  Alarms for notice
of Sump Pump Systems Failure will avoid a Flooded
Basement with costly loss of personal items as well as
monetary cost. J & C encounters this scenario all the time.
J & C is here to help you avoid such an experience. J & C
works with insurance companys in our customers behalf.
Last but certainly not least J & C has Highest standards for
Materials & Labor at the Lowest Rates! All Work is
Warranted Material & Labor! Makiing J & C Truly Your
One Call We Do It All!   
Basement Sump Pumps, Pits & Perimeter Drain
Lowest Rates Guaranteed
Emergency Service
317 - 416 - 1104
24 Hours 7 Days
Military Veterans  
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Fresh Water Lifes Necessity
Serving: Indianapolis, Greenwood,
Westfield, Noblesville, Franklin,
Brownsburg, Greenfield
, Carmel Fishers,
Whiteland, Zionsville, Avon,
Mooresville  Central
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