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The Shark 820 Grinder
Zoeller Pump Company
Hydromatic Pentair Water
Lift Stations are Any Pit with a Pump that
Lifts Sewage Up to a Sanitary Sewer. J & C
Services, Repairs, and Installs 99% of All
Types of Lift Station Pumps. J & C Installs
and Repairs the Pits, Alarms, Switches,
Panels, Discharge Lines, Check Valves,
Anything that has to do with Lift Stations. J
& C does both Residential and Commercial
Lift Station Service, Repair & Installation.  
The Shark 841-842 Grinder
The Shark 932 Grinder
Wh471 Grinder Station
Facts, Questions & Answers
Dh071 Grinder
W Series Fiberglas
Environmental One
The Shark 840 Grinder
Cold Climate 810, 815, 820
Indoor Alarm
Grinder Blades
Outdoor Alarm
J & C dont just Service, Repair & Install Lift
Stations for our Customers we also share
information to help our customer to avoid
Needless Problems and Repairs with there
Pump & System. For example everyone
with a Sewage Pump & Pit in there
Basement or Outside Lifting the Sewage to
a Sanitary Sewer, Needs to Know what
Type of Pump they have. Whether it is a
Sewage Pump, or Grinder Pump. Sewage
Pumps can get clogged and Burn The
Pump Up, Grinders Pumps are less likely
to get clogged up, because Grinder Pumps
do Grind Up Sewage as it Pumps (Lifts)
Sewage to a Sanitary Sewer. Sewage
Pumps are Most Common for Residential
Use and are good Pumps for Residential
Use and can Handle certain sized Solids
depending on the Type of Sewage Pump.
But Sewage Pumps do not Grind Up
Sewage, so things such as Sanitary
Napkins, Baby Wipes, among other things
of this sort can most likely clog a Sewage
Pump. So J & C trys to Share with our
Customer any Information we have to help
them with there Sewage Lift Station System
to avoid needless Repairs or Replacement.  
J & C Stresses the need for maintenance
of our Customers Lift Stations Pump & Pit.
Also that the Alarm System is Operating
properly. J & C has 25 years experience in
the Service, Repair & Installation of
Sewage Lift Stations. J & C Installs only
Top Quality Pumps & Pits.
Serving: Indianapolis,
d, Westfield,
, Franklin, Plainfield,
, Greenfield,
, Carmel, Fishers,
Whiteland, Zionsville, Avon,
Mooresville  Central
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